Six things to consider when thinking about Wills

Gavel and old clock1)      Make sure you get a high quality Will, from a trusted provider.

2)      A correct and up-to-date Will is the only way to guarantee your wishes are carried out in the way you want.

3)      By setting up a trust, you can protect some of your estate from the 40 per cent inheritance tax.

4)      In some cases, particularly for unmarried parents, having a will is the best way to be sure that children under 18 will stay in the custody of your loved ones.

5)      Making a will doesn’t have to be expensive. If your needs are simple and basic, you can use an online company.  If your affairs are a bit more complex, then seek a solicitor.

6)      Beware the scammers offering to make your will for throwaway rates. If anyone cold-calls you and tries to pressure you with dire warnings of “losing out” if you don’t act right away, then there is a good chance they are trying to scam you.


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