Living Will Templates

It’s always best to put things in place for the future rather than coming to regret not taking action later. Whilst most people of a certain age or above have a will in place, not so many have documented what their wishes would be should they lose the ability to speak for themselves. A living will is designed to take care of this and means that your family and healthcare team will know what to do if you ever lose the capacity to speak. The UK Living Will Registry are here to help you produce a living will.

No Ambiguity

Living wills feature a legally-binding part which is known as an Advance Decision. In this section, you can inform others whether you would like to have your life prolonged or not if your health ever does deteriorate irreversibly. You can change your living will as many times as you like. The experienced professionals at the UK Living Will can guide you through every part of the process, ensuring that your wishes are granted if you can no longer communicate at any point. Clear up future confusion about your wishes by getting in touch with them today. Head to the website to find out more.

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