Get a Living Will at Affordable Prices

More and more people are investing in living wills to ensure that their wishes can be granted should they lose the capacity to speak. By drawing up a living will, you can tell loved ones and healthcare professionals how to act if your health deteriorates to the point that you can’t speak for yourself. A living will can ensure that there’s no room for ambiguity or confusion. If you’re only interested in treatments that will enhance your quality of life, then a living will may be ideal. If you’d rather be left alone in the event if no treatment to improve your quality of life is available, then you can document your wishes in a living will.

An Advance Decision

You can inform others on which treatments you would like to receive and which treatments you would prefer to avoid in a living will. The UK Living Will Registry are here to help if you need to draw up a living will. Their guidance means that nothing needs to be forgotten, and you can even amend the will as many times as you like whilst you are still able to speak for yourself. Find out more about the UK Living Will Registry at the website.


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