Living Will Help - Section A: Living Will Declaration

For a Living Will to be valid and legally binding, you must have full mental capacity (or be ‘of sound mind’), at the time of completing and signing this document. Section A of this document consists of a statement declaring that you are of sound mind. It is essential that this section is signed. You should also include your date of birth and address.

Your signature must be witnessed, and your witness must also provide a dated signature, and details of their date of birth and address. Your witness should be someone who is not a close family member who might expect to benefit from your will.

Your witness may be someone professionally involved in your health care or legal affairs. If so, they should provide details in the space provided.

If you are too physically infirm to sign, you may instruct someone to sign your name on your behalf in your presence, and in the presence of your witness.

Your signature and that of your witness are further required on completion of Section B: Advance Decision.

Please note: Certain sections that require your signature, the signature of witnesses, or the input of a medical professional have purposefully been left blank online, but will appear in the document you receive through the post to be filled in signed by hand before returning the document to the UK Living Will Registry.