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David Todd founder of UK Living Will Registry

The UK Living Will Registry has been created to satisfy a need that the founder, David Todd, observed when discussing “end of life” decisions with his mother.

A highly energetic and independent lady, the thought of becoming permanently incapacitated with little or no quality of life and wholly reliant upon others was totally abhorrent. Indeed their discussions often came back to the view that “we treat our pets with more humanity than our incapacitated”.

Upon investigation David realised that although the legal framework for Advanced Decisions and Living Wills had been created they seemed to be a both taboo subject and something to be kept “under the carpet”.

David thought this was a situation that appears totally self-defeating – what use is a Living Will unless your family and doctors know about it?

Over the months an increasing interest in the subject led to reading many related articles. The most positive and memorable is a story of an elderly lady admitted to a US hospital with the words “do not resuscitate” tattooed on her front. And on her back? PTO – just in case she arrived the wrong way up.

Anecdotal stories of doctors having patients shipped in from high dependency dementia wards of care homes to be “made better” and shipped back to the home to milk a few more weeks or months fee’s heightened David’s belief in the need for a service that communicates one’s end of life wishes when incapacitated.