Living Will Help - Section C: Advance Statement

This section is not essential to your Living Will, may not be legally binding, and you do not have to complete it.

However, it will help all those involved in your care – including Health Care Providers, family and friends – to act in accordance with your wishes, if you become unable to communicate how you would like to be cared for.

You may enter any details you wish. Some options to consider are provided below.

  • Are there any medical treatments or surgical interventions which are not intended to prolong life, and which you wish to refuse (such as blood transfusions or amputations)?
  • Do you feel strongly that certain individuals should be present or not be present during your illness?
  • Do you have any strong wishes regarding the nature of your daily nursing and hygiene care?
  • Do you have any dietary requirements, whether for religious, ethical or any other reasons?
  • Do you have strong feelings about being visited or not being visited by representatives from faith organisations (such as hospital chaplains)?