Advance Decision

More and more people are having living wills drawn up. Living wills ensure that family members and healthcare providers know what to do if we ever lose the ability to speak for ourselves. Some treatments can extend lives without enhancing the quality of them, which is why some people do decide that they would rather be left alone if their standard of livings falls to a certain level. Once a living will is in place, there doesn’t need to be any room for confusion. Living wills are sometimes called heath care directives and can be used to tell others exactly which treatments you would like to receive and which ones you’d prefer to avoid.

Respecting Your Wishes

The UK Living Will Registry can help if you have decided to draw up a living will. They can provide you with in-depth guidance and support to ensure that nothing is forgotten. You can amend your will as many times as you like whilst you still have the capacity to communicate. A living will features a section called an Advance Decision that means your wishes are granted if you do lose the ability to speak for yourself. You can find out more about the UK Living Will Registry by heading to the website.

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